4 Reasons Serviced Apartments Are Great for Family Holidays

While travelling alone can be great, there’s nothing quite like taking a nice trip with your family. Of course, getting the right accommodation is crucial if you want to enjoy those family holidays, which is why you should think about booking a serviced apartment. 

Here are just four reasons why serviced apartments are great for family holidays. 

1. Plenty of Space

Probably the most annoying thing about hotel rooms is that they don’t offer much space. In contrast, serviced apartments will feel more like home with a kitchen, living room, and separate bedroom areas. That’s ideal when you’re travelling as a family since everyone can get their own space and you’ll have more than enough room to relax if you want to stay in some nights. 

2. Lots of Amenities 

If you do want to stay in for a few nights of your holiday, you’ll certainly appreciate having access to all the amenities that come with a serviced apartment. You should have a large TV, DVD player, and games to keep everyone occupied, plus a fully fitted kitchen to ensure you can stay in without having to order expensive room service or splurge by going to restaurant. 

3. Potentially Cost-Effective 

Plenty of people think booking a serviced apartment will be more expensive than booking a hotel, but that’s not always the case. You’ll often end up saving money if you book one family-sized serviced apartment instead of several hotel rooms. You can usually save even more if you’re staying for longer than a week or so.

4. Located Closer to the Centre 

Navigating unknown public transportation systems can be a nightmare when you’re travelling with younger kids, so it makes sense to find somewhere close to the centre of town. While hotels are usually on the outskirts, serviced apartments are generally found right in the middle of a city.