4 Reasons to Visit Dubai Aquarium with Your Kids

If you are looking to tour for pleasure and educational purposes, then look no further than Dubai Aquarium. Dubai Aquarium is located in Dubai Mall on the ground floor. Most sea divers discover various underwater creatures due to the nature of their work. Dubai Aquarium however gives you a chance of viewing the creatures without actually diving into water. You will walk inside a tunnel and you will be surrounded by the creatures only that, you will be separated from them with glass.

This article will identify reasons why you should visit the place. Also, you are going to learn how to visit the area and pay cheaply using some great deals available online.

Exposure to all kinds of underwater species

Unlike your average aquarium which houses a few fish species, Dubai Aquarium accommodates all aquatic creatures you can think of. Some of the creatures you will find include tiger sharks, seahorses, piranhas, water rats, otters, African dwarf crocodiles, lionfishes, garden eels, and many more. As much as your children wish that they could have their own aquarium, it is important to tell them that this marine life needs special care in specific environments, however, if you want to put in an aquarium suitable for your home, you may want to research the ones that you can recreate and pick up supplies like plants, fish, reef salt mixes, and so on. This is a great place to get started and you’ll be able to give your children that excitement daily.

The opportunity to interact closely with some of the creatures

The underwater zoo houses harmless and dangerous species. To ensure tourists are safe, there are tour guides who guide you on which creatures you can interact with. You will have an opportunity to pet otters, penguins and eagle rays. Additionally, you are also allowed to feed them which is a plus considering most zoos prohibit the feeding of animals.

Diving experiences regardless of age

Your tour will not be limited to just viewing the species, but also engaging in water activities. If you are a scuba diver, the tour guides are willing to guide you accordingly. The commonest fear of deep-sea diving is running out of breath. If that is your fear, you can take part in snorkeling. With a snorkel, you can hang around the water for as long as possible. Persons above eight years old are allowed to partake in water activities.

It’s a place to hold birthday parties

Most birthday parties do not do anything new. Does your birthday party have to be celebrated in your house? How about if you celebrated your birthday in Dubai Aquarium? That’s right, the management offers you two birthday packages to choose from. You will need to book from their website so that the management plans for your birthday accordingly. Here is their link. You will be given an area in the zoo to celebrate alongside a complimentary gift for your kid’s birthday.

Tour arrangements to Dubai Aquarium

To visit this place, you will need a ticket. The company sells online tickets, so all you need is to navigate through their website and pay to acquire one. Online tickets will be generated once you indicate the date you intend to visit and pay AED 70.

Another way of visiting the place is through surfing the internet for great deals. On the internet, you can find online coupons and online vouchers for free. On each, you will find coupon codes and voucher codes, respectively. Both online coupons and online vouchers entitle you to a discount. Different websites offer different discount percentages, so it is up to you to scour over the web for attractive discounts.

Some websites will prompt you to fill in either coupon codes or voucher codes. It is only after you fill them in, that you get a discount. Most of the discount percentages range from 18 to 35 off. Upon visiting the place, do not forget to present either your online coupons or online vouchers to the management. Either of them substitutes Dubai Aquarium tickets. The coupons and vouchers can be used again later on, but they have an expiry date. Remember it is okay to use them again but illegal to photocopy them.


Your kids do not have to miss out on an opportunity to learn and have fun. The management has made the prices friendly for anyone to visit. Most people visit the UAE for the skyscrapers such as Burj Khalifa but forget to visit areas where there is wildlife. Of course, it is not a bad thing to admire the buildings but a suggestion to complement your trip.