Best Places To Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2019 In The U.S.

Traveling to a special spot for a New Year’s Eve celebration is a great way to ring in the beginning of a new year. New York City luggage storage is available for those who want to drop their bags and go grab their spot somewhere as soon as they hit the city. For most people, the new year symbolizes a fresh start. We set our resolutions, but first, we party.

If you’re looking for a great place to ring in the new year, the U.S. has plenty of exciting destinations from which you can choose to make lasting memories.  Here is a brief look at some of the best locations in the U.S. to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Las Vegas, Nevada

If ever there were a perfect time to visit Las Vegas, it’s New Year’s Eve.  The roll-call for the stages in Vegas are star-studded, and the casinos are second to none.  Hotels in Vegas spare no expense, and guests are treated like gold.

For New Year’s Eve, the entire Vegas strip is closed off to through traffic, and nearly half a million people proceed to get their neon-lit party on.  There’s no party like a Vegas party, just make sure to keep it safe. Take advantage of public transportation, and save yourself the next-day reveal of all the new dents in your vehicle.

New York City, New York

Everyone knows New York City throws one of the world’s biggest parties every New Year’s Eve, and there’s no place like the city for a social gathering of mass proportions.  All eyes turn to the shimmering ball in Time Square to catch the slow descent into the new year.

The after parties are even more hype than the big show in New York City, so prepare yourself for a wild ride.  There are probably more low-key things to consume your time, but who goes to New York City for low-key?

Dallas, Texas

If Dallas is your destination of choice, you’ll spend your evening watching explosive fireworks displays.  Get a drink and plenty of social interaction downtown, and stop in at the most appealing celebration party.  It’s easy to find fun on New Year’s Eve in Dallas.

Denver, Colorado

There’s more than one reason to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Colorado, and I’m sure you can think of a few off the dome.  Visitors to Denver are spoiled with some of the best ski resorts in the nation and loads of fresh powder.

There’s also no shortage of spectacular fireworks displays on the big night.  The 16th St Mall hosts two separate firework displays on New Year’s Eve; one at 9 pm and one at midnight.  

Miami, Florida

If you’re looking for a vibrant nightlife, Miami’s got your back no matter what night you choose to visit.  New Year’s Eve, however, presents a host of new and interesting occasions to enjoy.