Best Places To Visit In Rome Italy

Rome has always been a traveler’s paradise. The city is filled with numerous attractions that portray natural beauty and the legacy of human architecture. 

Although your choices depend on your taste yet some sites cannot be ignored. You should also plan your daily travel schedule or you will not be able to explore new destinations. Rome is a big city and can become overwhelming even for a seasoned sightseer. Let us review some of the most notable traveling sites in Rome.

The Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine

Flavian Amphitheatre is one of the most unique and recognized sites in Rome. The Colosseum is the largest remaining structure that takes us back to ancient times when Romans locked horns with animals. It was the biggest entertainment outlet for Romans which also served as a platform for circuses, theatre, and festivals.

The Arch of Constantine sits right beside the Colosseum. The arch symbolizes both peace and liberty. A walking tour of the entire area will be memorable, to say the least. 

Vatican City 

The Vatican City is a small independent state which is enclosed by Vatican walls. The inner area is under Pope’s authority which includes St. Peter’s Square, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican palace and its gardens. 

This place is an important destination for people who believe in the Catholic Church.  

St. Peter’s Basilica holds Pieta, the famous sculpture from Michelangelo. He is also renowned for creating the frescoed ceiling in Sistine Chapel located inside the Vatican. There are numerous structures like the Borgia Apartments, the Raphael Rooms, and the Vatican Library. 

Some of the more famous museums are the Museum of Secular Art, the Picture Gallery, and the Etruscan Museum. The majority of the 20th-century art found here reflects the religious sentiments of ancient Romans. 

But the ticket lines are fairly long at the Vatican. It’s best to spend an entire day in the smallest city in the world.

The Pantheon

The best-preserved structure from ancient Rome has been standing tall for 2000 years. The monument has been stripped off its bronze roof tiles and bronze roof but it still shows no sign of aging. The structure was rebuilt in AD 80 after it caught fire with a 42-meter dome which is still recognized as the epitome of Roman architecture excellence. The interior is lit by a 9-meter central opening. Pantheon’s height is the same as its diameter which gives a harmonious effect to the structure. It has also been the royal burial place for Italian kings.  

Trevi Fountain

The more popular tourist attraction is a 17th-century fountain. You are required to throw a coin in the fountain which is said to open doors for visit to Rome. The fountain was built by Agrippa to allocate water to his baths. It has been created at the rear of the Palace-Dukes of Poli. The fountain showcases Neptune, the god of the sea, in all his glory.

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