Family Fishing Vacation Destinations For 2019

It’s a new year, so it’s time to plot and plan your family’s new adventures.  Vacation is a coveted time, and you want to make sure you choose the most suitable itinerary possible.  Don’t waste your free moments on a lame destination choice.

Instead, take the time to research your viable options, and choose the destination which will facilitate your perfect excursion.  Here are a few great suggestions for that family fishing vacation you’ve always wanted to realize.  

Everglades City, Florida

Florida is a hub state for great fishing getaways, but Everglades City, in particular, has a lot to offer your family.  If you love saltwater fishing, you can find sizeable flats in which to begin your hunt.

Everglades City offers the chance to hook snapper, sheepshead, and even tarpon and snook.  If you head inland a bit, you’ll have the chance to fish freshwater fish as well. Plan a vacation full of outdoor activities by the water.

Mammoth Lakes, California

Have a different sort of fun in the California sun with snow-capped peaks in the distance and crystal lakes surrounding your campsite.  Mammoth Lakes presents over a dozen different fishable lakes with ample accommodations for the family.  

Go fishing for trout in the day, and enjoy a tasty maritime meal in the evening.  Cabin rentals and gorgeous campsites will make your travel party feel comfortable and connected with surrounding nature.

Port Isabel, Texas

If you’re looking for an excellent aquatic destination for the whole family, Port Isabel has fishing, dolphin cruises, water sports, and exquisite culinary options.  Fish along the Texas coast to find speckled trout and redfish.

White River, Arkansas

Check out the beauty of middle America, and visit White River, Arkansas this year.  The fishing opportunities are ample, presenting the chance to fish trout with simple bait rigs.  The kids won’t have trouble hooking their first catch in the waters of the Ozarks.

If you don’t have (or don’t want to tote) a boat along with the family, there are plenty of places to rent a boat in White River.  Pack up the car, the kids, and the dog, and get reacquainted with Mother Nature in 2019.    

Black Hills, South Dakota

There are excellent fishing opportunities in South Dakota, but your trip wouldn’t be complete without the presence of other wildlife.  Visit Custer State Park, and the family will have the chance to spot bighorn sheep and American bison.

The organic beauty of Black Hills, South Dakota is unmatched by any other area of the United States.  Give your family an experience they’ll never forget, and commune with giants who have populated the Black Hills throughout history.