Hotels vs. Airbnb- A Competition between Bespoke Luxury and New Age Accommodation

While traveling, you will have a hard time choosing between a traditional resting place like a hotel and the most rapidly emerging innovation of the hotel industry- Airbnb. Read this article if you are still not able to make up your mind about the perfect accommodation for your next travel.


One of the primary reasons to stay in a hotel is the luxury we get, as we expect superior comfort and a better location. A person living in a hotel pays for the service quality, depending on the infrastructure or the goodwill of that place. Short trips are best suited for hotel stays as they usually work as a reset phase in our busy lives. With all of the amenities they provide, hotels can make our stay comfortable and ensure that our needs are well taken care of. Plus, they are generally equipped with a coffee machine (like the ones you can buy here), mini refrigerator, and similar other appliances of everyday use as well as have a mini snacks and drinks corner. This means you do not have to spend a lot of money ordering coffee or food every now and then, just to satiate your hunger or to satisfy your quick caffeine urge.

Needless to say, if you are going for professional meetups or staying, investing in a hotel makes the most sense. However, single travelers are advised to take a hostel instead of taking any other accommodation. It is much more affordable and you can also make tons of friends to explore around. If this option interests you, you can check out this hostel Tel Aviv for an instance. Apart from friends and food, every amenity is just a phone call away, and you will be able to enjoy the restaurants and bars with all the new people you meet.

Furthermore, traveling with kids requires a resting place where they can be secure and comfortable. A hotel will be ready to hand over extra sheets and medicines and may have a kid’s zone too. It is best for people who follow a predefined plan as everything is guaranteed and one knows that what they see is what they get.

Of course, you will compromise according to your budget and interests, but it can be the safest settlement for the night.


This type of accommodation is tailor-made for the wild ones. Airbnb has a vast database to satisfy the need of every possible customer. Whether one wants to enjoy sunbathing at a beach bungalow in the Maldives or a forest house in Brazil, the popular travel website is ready to serve.

The options are suitable for everyone, whether you are the ones with a limited budget or those who want nothing less than fancy. It works well for bigger traveling groups as they cannot enjoy together in a standard hotel room. A single traveler in need of local experience is also welcomed to avail the service.

The place is hosted by locals that live or rent the property to guests. Thus, a group of friends can get an entire house to live like a family. They can also share space with some other travelers making the journey a lot more interesting.

Again, one should know that living in big rented places is a bit cheaper than booking a hotel room. Moreover, it provides a lot more freedom and relaxation. The people are able to enjoy each other’s company without anyone stopping them from playing loud music or other such activities.

You should not expect a butler or someone to make your bed. The whole place is under your administration, and any damage or loss gets charged accordingly. But, as far as enjoyment goes, Airbnb ranks far superior to four walls with a luxurious bed i.e. a hotel room.

As per our comparison, it is evident that both the products are niche based, but Airbnb is worth a shot. If you are on the run, do experience Airbnb for living the experience you have just read about.