How to Make Long-Distance Relationships Work

I started a thread on reddit’s iAmA today. I talked about how, when I moved to Los Angeles and got a job there, the loneliness I was experiencing was staggering. My whole world was not in Houston anymore. I had all my friends back home in Houston. I was completely emotionally and physically displaced from my friends and family. I had left everything I knew back home for one reason.

Of course, after about a year of loneliness, I moved back to Houston. And I now have some great friends here in Houston that have made it really hard to live in the Phoenix area anymore.

I’m not quite sure how many people showed up to my social event last night, but there were close to 150 people there.

For those that couldn’t make it, I have a new series on my blog, Long-Distance Relationship Therapy.

No matter how many long-distance relationships you have with other people, there are going to be challenges in any relationship. Some people cannot hack it and will try and opt for something more casual like checking out sex hookup websites or using dating websites, because they are not ready for the challenge of a long-distance relationship.

And the biggest challenge is loneliness. The lack of feeling close to your friends and family, and then the comfort in having other people around you. The comfort in a partner in the same town. This sense of closeness can be too appealing for some people and they may succumb to this temptation, irrespective of their partner being loyal to them at a distance. However, the real ones would never resort to something casual. Though they may find warmth in Waifu Anime Body Pillows and accessories similar to it in tough times, they would never cheat their partners.

But let’s be real.

We are not going to be happy all the time. We are going to be lonely sometimes.

This is just one of the challenges that comes along with being in a long-distance relationship. There will be days when you don’t want to be in the same city as your partner.

There will be days where you just want to break up with your partner. Because the lack of intimacy in a long-distance relationship just sucks.

In fact, sometimes the physical distance of a long-distance relationship makes it so much more difficult. Like when a long-distance relationship moves to a long-distance city.

This all works to reinforce how important it is to have your partner close. For whatever reasons, being in a long-distance relationship is hard and I don’t want anyone to ever think otherwise.

But at the same time, I think there are a lot of positives in long-distance relationships as well. And I think people tend to assume that long-distance relationships are like some crazy rom-com where everything is perfect. For example, when you do meet in person, it’s a lot more rewarding, and you could have a lot more fun together. Jamming months of romance into a few days with gifts, gestures, and True Pheromones oils, you could have the time of your life.

But there are struggles in a long-distance relationship just like there are in any relationship. Just because your relationship isn’t with someone in the same city doesn’t mean that it is easy.

So, I wrote a blog post that goes through the negative things about long-distance relationships. And then I go through the positive things about long-distance relationships.

Check out Long-Distance Relationship Therapy.

That’s all for now.

What has your experience been with long-distance relationships?

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