How to Stay Safe While Traveling Around the World

Traveling has taught me a lot of lessons-including the fact that the world is a beautiful place with many great people. However, crime isn’t limited to one city or country alone. There are scammers and criminals everywhere who would want to take advantage of a tourist to make some quick bucks.

Here is what you need to do in order to stay safe while travelling abroad.

Learn about some common scams in the place

The internet is full of information about scams. Make use of this knowledge and ensure that you don’t fall into the trap of scamsters. Often, these people use a few simple but common ways to lure people and will appear very genuine if you don’t pay attention to some obvious red flags.

Keep cash

Cash is the king everywhere in the world and nothing will change this status quo for years to come. It will, therefore, be worthwhile to keep some cash with you at all times. You should keep $200 or an equivalent, the number of your country’s embassy, phone numbers of a few important people etc. handy. They could be very helpful when in need. Stash some cash in different places. Even if you are robbed or scammed, it is highly likely that you may still have some money with you to pay for phone call, accommodation, and food.

Get travel insurance

Don’t step foot outside your home without getting travel insurance. It will save you in times of need and at least compensate you a specific percentage of your losses. You must have at least some kind of property and health insurance while you are travelling. You could be a victim of a theft or could even end up in an accident. Your insurance will help you tackle these expenses.

Avoid cold call advice

Most locals are friendly and if you ask them, they will definitely help you with things. They could show you the way, help you in avoiding common frauds and also stay safe. However, if someone offers an advice out of the blue i.e. gives you ‘cold call’ advice, it would be better to get a second opinion in this case.

Register with your embassy

When you are traveling abroad, make sure that you register with your embassy. This way, they will be aware of your arrival, will be able to guide you in case of an emergency, especially a natural disaster and help in finding your way back in case something goes awry. This is a basic step that everyone should follow.

Let people know

It is often worthwhile to let people know that you are traveling. Your friends and family should know that you are traveling, and some trusted person should also be aware of your itinerary. If you know someone in the place you are travelling to, let them know about your arrival. They could be the first responders in case of an emergency.

These travel safety tips go a long way when you are in a foreign land. Hope you always have a happy and safe journey.