How To Travel On a Budget Next Year

Money is the chief concern for almost every travel enthusiast. It’s the first thing you think of, if you are planning to travel. But seeing all the travel bloggers hiking in the mountains of Everest or walking along the vegetable gardens in China, makes you wonder how are they doing it?

Budget traveling is the new way to travel.

Not everyone has the amount of money to travel the world. But if you act smart and save some money, and use a free budget template, you can still travel on a budget with these handy tips:


Traveling on a budget will mean you will have to forgo the idea of traveling in luxury. Downsize your dreams. In fact, traveling economically will allow you to better experience the culture and food of the region you travel to. What you will see living in a small local motel will be very different from something you will experience staying at a five-star hotel.

When you are ready to compromise on your travel plans, you’ll be amazed at how many options you have.

Hunt out the Deals

The online world has made traveling so much easier and stress-free. And even budget-friendly. You can have so many options to choose from. You just need a good internet connection to look out for these options. If not, it may be a good idea to get in touch with las vegas internet providers (or one in your locality) and see if there’s something that can be done to get a stable connection. Anyhow, here are some ways to bag a good deal:

  • When booking a hotel, choose an Airbnb or a local motel. You can find some really good ones online. Book before you leave, to avoid any issues later on.
  • For airfares, always compare prices through websites like Cheap flights and Expedia. You can save some real buck here too. Also, booking in advance can save you some money. You can also get a frequent flyer card to score points and get discounts.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is the high and low tourist season. Winters in Canada are often their low season, while winters in Dubai are their high season. Planning to travel during low seasons will definitely save you money.

Save Where You Can

Once you make the plan to travel, it’s time to save money. Cut down your extra expenses. Create home-cooked meals more often. Ditch the extra cup of coffee. You also probably don’t need to buy clothes very often. Look out for sales and budget buying. Put all of this money directly into your travel account. You could also consider using different budgeting plans which suit your financial and travel requirements.

Even when traveling, you can save a good amount of money with these tips:

  • Buy food from the street. Street food is way cheaper than the food in restaurants, even food courts. It will also give you a better idea of the local food scene.
  • Walk when you can, and use public transport when you have to.
  • In many countries, bargaining is the norm. The locals even come down to less than half the asking price, if you take the time to haggle with them. Be prepared to leave if the vendor isn’t bringing the price down. You’d be surprised how often they call you back, once you give the impression that you aren’t interested.
  • Learn the language. If you learn the language of the country you travel to, people are more willing to offer you better prices. They consider you a regular, rather than a tourist.
  • Fill up on free food. When you get the chance, don’t pass up free foods. Many Airbnb offers free breakfast. If that’s so, breakfast like a king.

Start a Saving Account

Once you get in the habit of saving money, you should immediately open a savings account. The money that you save from your extra expenses should go directly to your savings account. Figure out a ballpark figure and work towards it. A savings account can also help you earn money. It offers a higher interest rate, which will build up in time for your traveling.

If you are having problems with opening a savings account, or any other account, can help you with your queries.

Find a Travel Partner

Traveling alone isn’t just lonely, it’s also more expensive. There are so many others who are dreaming of a world tour, like you. Plan your trip with them. You can save money by sharing accommodations. You can also claim many buy one get one offer.

Use Your Social Network

If you have been following and envying a travel blogger, talk to them. Ask them for tips. Look out for their offers and recommendations.

You can also use your social network to make friends in the area you wish to travel to. Ask them about cheaper accommodations or travel tips. As a local in my area, I know I have tons of advice to offer to travelers. They might even be willing to offer their own home to stay. Some cultures are very welcoming towards guests. In fact, they consider it rude if you don’t take advantage of their hospitality.

Make Money While Traveling

Traveling doesn’t mean you are always spending money. Many travelers are now writing about their travel experiences and earning some decent amount of money. from that. If you are an expert at something, you can also make plans to earn money as a speaker or a coach. Many travel bloggers also offer English classes to local groups or small villages to make some extra money on the go.

Travel Insurance

This might seem like an added expense, but believe me, you don’t want to miss out on this. Travel insurance will cover your expenses when you fall sick from eating the wrong food or need medicines for your sore legs. It will also put your mind to ease so you can concentrate on enjoying your trip.