Most Underrated Travel Destinations of the World

While the travelers make it a point to visit top tourist destinations like France, Italy, and Japan (to name a few) each year, there are a lot of countries that remain untouched. Possible reasons include no tourism promotion, less population, climatic conditions, or access to fewer transportation services. However, if you’ve already been to top rated places or want to visit something more unconventional and less commercial, check out the list below of most underrated travel destinations in the world.


This South American country barely receives much visitors compared to its neighbors like Peru and Chile, which are fully packed with tourists. It is a landlocked nation, so beach lovers don’t have much to do here. But Bolivia has the most picturesque landscapes, beautiful red colored lakes, glowing volcanoes, the world’s largest salt lakes and a spectacular capital city La Paz. For those who enjoy adventure, Bolivia has the most dangerous roads in the world along with the silver mines of Potosi and one of the World Heritage Sites.


Even though this country is often compared to Turkey, both in size and name, it is one of the least visited countries in the world. Its natural landscapes have a serene atmosphere. The Karakum desert has oases; ancient fortresses, underground lakes, eerie gas craters, including the famous Darvaza crater, meaning “door to hell.”


Basically, a Buddhist kingdom, this small yet magnificent country boasts of lots of monasteries, fortresses, subtropical plains, sharp vertical mountains, and valleys. Thimphu and Phajhodin are few of the most enthralling places to visit. For land-based adventure lovers, the hike to get there is beautiful as you cross by forests and valets. The Snowman Trek is a great authentic route to discover. The picturesque 200-mile, 25-day high-altitude adventure comprises of some of the most untouched rocky country sides with snow-glazed peaks and glacier-covered terrain.

Leon, Nicaragua

Leon is considered the most kosher colonial Spanish city in the country. It is enclosed by volcanoes, both might and magnificent. The Pacific Rim is clearly visible from here, with excellent chances for “volcano boarding.” This trending adrenaline sport is overwhelming northwest Nicaragua. Just twenty minutes out of town and you’ll see some of the best surfing spots in the region on the empty beaches of Poneloya. An additional attraction is the Cathedral of León, the biggest cathedral in Central America. To see the best view over the city, visit “el fortin,” an old Somoza stronghold southwest of León, according to local guides.

The Philippines

Geographically, the country is constituted of 7,000 islands and approx. 103 million residents. It does not experience much tourist activity in a year compared to neighbors Indonesia and Thailand. The Philippines has beautiful scenic beaches, amazing Benaue rice terraces, and a good majority of English speaking locals. Water lovers can go swimming in many of the pristine beaches and then cool down by hiking through underground caves. Trekking in Luzon, diving in Mindoro, surfing crazy waves on the island of Samar, and canyoneering at Montaneza Falls are some of the thrilling activities you can participate in. If you’re looking for a balance of adventure and peace, visit Palawan, which is full of splendid landscapes, pretty beaches, and diverse marine life.