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If you adore the gambling industry and play at online casinos Lucky Days here regularly, you probably would like to visit Sin City at least once in your life. This gambling capital has intrigued millions of people around the world, and for a good reason. Las Vegas is a real gem towering over endless desert landscapes.

This city captivates players with its atmosphere, unique architecture and, of course, superb casinos. Moreover, filmmakers also understand how unique this place is and make adventure films here pretty often. In this article, we have selected several films that will allow you to feel at least a bit of Las

 Vegas’s gambling spirit.

Ocean’s Thirteen

It is the culmination of a trilogy about Danny Ocean’s friends, professional scammers and robbers. This time, the goal of the ambitious team is a new casino. Its owner decided to set up his business partner – one of Ocean’s friends – and caused him a heart attack. With that in mind, Danny wants to do whatever it takes to ruin the casino on his first day. He gathers the entire team in Las Vegas and comes up with a detailed plan to falsify most of the game results.


This film tells the story of a group of promising and smart MIT students trying to get rich through regular trips to Sin City. Their leader is a teacher of higher mathematics who has developed a counting algorithm that allows you to beat blackjack dealers much more often. He teaches his students this technique, and they travel to Vegas to make a lot of money. But as is usually the case, a successful plan faces some unforeseen circumstances pretty soon.


The gambling and betting business has always generated a lot of money, and Sam Rothstein uses this skillfully. He is a true pro at predicting the results of various sporting events. Sam becomes such a successful player that the mafia bosses decide to appoint him as the head of a large casino. His business has been booming, and his reputation has grown for several years since then. But after a while, the life of a promising casino manager turns into a series of criminal events.

This selection of films will help any online casino client to learn and experience the gambling industry even better. While we are talking about the unique entertainment world, you will see that big money almost always forces people to do some crazy things.