Preparation ideas for an American’s trip to Myanmar – The country full of surprises!

As long as meeting expectations are concerned, traveling to Myanmar can be a hit or miss experience. Now that Myanmar has opened its arms to the tourism industry, almost every traveler is running to this destination without being aware of the reason behind the craze of this place. Though tourists would love to attach the magnetic term ‘untouched’ to Myanmar but the place is actually touched as it demonstrates the change that comes with capitalism and free world. 

Since the time Myanmar hit back as one of the best tourism destinations in 2011, visitors of around 100 countries are allowed to apply for Myanmar visa. In fact, if you’re traveling from the US, the Myanmar visa for US citizens is valid for 90 days, allows a single-time entry and a stay of up to 28 days.

So, now if you’re ready to embark on this humanitarian and cultural journey, let’s check out few things that you need to know.

Ideal time to travel to Myanmar

Myanmar lies in South-East Asia and the seasons and weather here are not similar to that of the regions lying on the upper part of the globe. October to June is dry and July to September is rainy. Since temperatures soar during April to June, this is considered as the peak season. However, we recommend you to visit Myanmar in February. 

Visa requirements for Myanmar

All countries of the United States of America need a conventional visa or an eVisa for entering Myanmar. For Tunisian passport holders, they have to apply for a visa ahead of time. However, the process isn’t complicated. You send your passports to the embassy along with the other documents and the visa fees. The entire procedure takes 10 days. 

Myanmar Dress Code

Everyone in Myanmar wears an Indian longyi. Once you buy yourself a piece of longyi and start wearing it outside, you’ll soon find the locals smiling at you as they love to see people in traditional clothes. People in Burma dress in a rather conservative manner. Both men and women wear non-revealing clothes. So, while backpacking Myanmar, ensure your dresses to cover you from the shoulder to the knees. Never dream of wearing crop tops and mini skirts in Myanmar. 

Best places to visit in Myanmar

  • Yangon: Formerly called Rangoon, this is the largest city in Myanmar. It is a perfect blend of modern high-rises and British colonial architecture. 
  • Shwedagon Pagoda: This is Myanmar’s most visited pilgrimage site aged around 2500 years. It is a 99-meter-high gold-plated temple that is perched on top of a hill in Yangon.
  • Yangon Circle Train: The circle train is one of the best things to experience on your first day in Rangoon. You get familiar with the local cultural norms and also get a chance to form new connections with Burmese people. 
  • Lake Inle: Take a public bus from Yangon and go to Shwenyaung, a city that is 20km away from Lake Inle. This lake is in a place called Nyaungshwe. The journey that you take in a bus is worth remembering. 

Currency Tips in Myanmar

Kyat is the official currency of Myanmar and 1USD is equivalent to 1500 Kyat. Kyats only come in bills and never in coins. Presently, while staying in Myanmar, you’ll find ATMs everywhere and don’t forget to exchange your budget to stay away from the 3% fees with each withdrawal of cash. 

So, that’s it, folks! We hope you enjoyed our Myanmar travel tips and advices and found this article useful. For further queries, drop in your comments below. 

Author Bio: 

Susan Noel is an experienced content writer. She is associated with many renowned travel blogs as a guest author where she shares her valuable travel tips with the audience.