Spring Break Family Destinations For 2019

Spring break is typically a very welcomed time for young people, and it grants parents a chance to make new memories with their kids.  No school to ruin the fun, and the world is your playground.

Make the coolest memories this year with your whole family, and plan the best spring break getaway thus far.  Here is a quick overview of a few of the best family-friendly spring break travel destinations for 2019.

Visit the Pacific Northwest in the U.S.

The United States’ Pacific Northwest region offers some of the most gorgeous landscape the world around.  The best way to reach this destination is to tackle the family road trip. There’s plenty to see along the way, and your kids will be safe on the roads with you navigating the tour.  

A little place called Petite Retreats can give you and your family one of the coolest getaways this year.  It’s a village of tiny houses you can rent out for a few days, while you and the family explore the nearby (and epic) scenery.

Family surf camp in Costa Rica

Your family has probably had plenty of opportunities to lie around in the sand, enjoying the bright sunshine of the beach.  You can add an excellent twist to the common beach vacation, and go to a family surfing camp in Costa Rica.

It’s called Peaks ‘n Swells, and you and the family can check out yoga classes, hikes through fantastic scenery, riding horses in the jungle, and plenty of surf time.  Hit the waves as a family, and make memories of the everlasting type this year.

Small ship adventure cruises

You’re first thought in terms of cruise ships is probably a huge vessel in the Virgin Islands, but there are smaller ships that can offer a more personal family experience.  Consider looking into UnCruise Adventures and Baja’s Bounty.

Baja’s Bounty cruise ship hops around the Sea of Cortez, and presents opportunities for you and the kids to go snorkeling, watch for whales, and ride a burro with local rancheros.

Go on a family cycling trip

Stay in shape with your family, and plan an adventure that puts your bodies to work in an exciting way.  Go on an extended cycling trip, and enjoy camping along the way.  Trek Travel provides the opportunity for guided bike tours through Zion National Park in Utah.

Go spend some time at a Dude Ranch

Put a wild west twist on this year’s family getaway, and consider taking the family to a real-life Dude Ranch.  Enjoy a chuck wagon dinner under the huge, starry skies of Arizona at the Tanque Verde Ranch. Your kids just might unplug for a while, and experience life as it comes.