The Best Watersports Activities in the Bahamas

While many people happily head to the Bahamas each year to spend time on the beaches whilst staying in one of the beautiful homes for rent in bahamas not everyone is aware that there are a lot of watersports activities on offer. Most people tend to come to the Bahamas because of its beaches and they are often surprised to learn that you can have a lot of fun both on and in the water.

Let’s take a look at some of the best watersports activities in the Bahamas:

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is a thrilling watersport and there really is nothing like it. Designed to carry one or two people a jet ski can find you zooming across the water at a very fast pace. One of the best things about heading out on a jet ski is that it allows you to explore the ocean as much or as little as you wish. Sometimes there really is nothing better than being out on the water as the sun beats down. The good news is that you can partake in a little jet skiing in the Bahamas as there are plenty of places you can hire a jet ski and head out onto the water. If you’ve never been on a jet ski before do not worry they are very easy to use and a whole lot of fun too!


If you would like to enjoy travelling across the water at a slower pace then you may want to try your hand at a spot of kayaking. Kayaking is a very relaxing experience especially as you can make your way across the water at your own pace. You can often find kayaks for hire at the beach and after a few short lessons, you can head out onto the calm seas for a bit of an adventure. It’s best that you do not go out on your own unless you’ve got quite a bit of kayaking experience, so make sure you take a friend or family member with you when you head on out. Alternatively, you may want to take one of the many kayaking tours that often take place around the Bahamas. These tours are ideal for large groups and for those who have never been in a kayak before.

Banana Boating

Banana boating is a lot of fun and ideal if you’re on vacation with a group of people. Pulled along by a boat your banana-shaped boat will help you speed across the water while you cling on for dear life! While you’re being pulled along at high speeds you’ll have to avoid falling into the water if you can and being thrown right into the middle of the banana. Don’t worry though, you will have a life jacket on and if you do end up in the water the boat will come around and pick you up again.

Banana boating is such an enjoyable activity and while it isn’t always available on some beaches (Particularly the quiet ones) it is well worth a try. So keep your eyes peeled for a gigantic banana zooming its way across the sea!


If you’re feeling adventurous then you may want to try your hand at a spot of parasailing. You do need to have a head for heights if you want to indulge in this sport as you can end up quite high up in the air. One of the wonderful things about parasailing is that you will feel like you are flying, it’s quite an exhilarating experience that you should consider participating in if you have the chance. One of the great things about parasailing in the Bahamas is you get the chance to enjoy looking out over the crystal blue ocean as a speedboat zooms along below you.

You will have to be prepared to get a little wet as you may end up in the water, but don’t worry too much about it, you will have a life jacket on and the instructors are there to guide you throughout your trip above the waters.


A relatively new watersport, Jetlink involves you being propelled approximately 9 metres into the air or even into the water. Using a pressure system that’s attached to a boat or a jet ski you can achieve free flight in 10-15 minutes (This is how long it usually takes people to get the hang of a JetLink). If you spot someone above the water looking as if they have a jetpack on their back it’s probably because they have, and if they have the opportunity to give it a try you will too. This sport is not for the faint of heart as you may find yourself crashing back into the water a few times but it is a lot of fun and worth a try!

There are many great watersports activities on offer in the Bahamas and they are all just waiting for you to come and experience them. Head out onto the water and try your hand at a spot of jet skiing, alternatively, you may want to opt for something more calming and undertake a spot of kayaking instead. If you’re going to the Bahamas with a group of friends or family you definitely have to try banana boating as it’s great fun. Don’t forget to give parasailing or JetLInking a try if you’re brave enough, and add a touch of excitement to your time in the Bahamas.