Tips for Traveling in Asia That You Must Follow

The land of the sunrise and the biggest continent, Asia houses the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world namely India, Singapore, Maldives, Indonesia, Thailand, UAE, China to name a few. Split up in many parts, Asia constitutes of Central Asia, East Asia, Middle East, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.

Visiting a new country or a different continent can be both intimidating and exciting. But planning smart, and keeping few tips handy, you can make every travel journey, a worthy experience.

Visa essentials

Various Asian countries require at least six months of validity left on the passport. You must check whether you will get Visa on arrival or get it in advance. The passport and visa requirements may keep changing every year. Make sure to get some US dollars and local currency before traveling.

Select few countries and go for them

Asia is too big to explore at once. Keeping the diversity of each of them in mind, choose few countries (preferably neighboring) and visit them. Utilizing the time wisely is the key. For example, Visiting India, China, and Sri Lanka is a good deal rather than Hanoi, Vietnam, and Dubai because of the distance.

Pack light and right

Most countries in Asia have extreme temperature conditions like scorching heat and humidity. Keep loose and breezy clothes in light colors. Hats, sunglasses, and flip-flops are staples. There are a lot of religious places in most Asian countries. Ensure to wear decent clothing while visiting them. First aid, flashlight, compass, sanitizers, tissue paper, are useful.

Precautionary measures

As Asia is very densely populated and extreme temperatures could be common, diseases can spread very quickly. Research and go through local news if there is a medical hazard happening in the country you wish to visit. Mosquito repellents are necessary. Also, check if any vaccination shots if required, esp. Tetanus and Rabies.

Seek different travel methods

Use local trains, ferries, buses, trams to commute during your stay in any country. It will help you mix with the local people of the area. It is a great way to save some extra money, and you also get to see different routes and experience the place better. Also, beware of scam taxis, and overcrowded ferries. Avoid going alone in local transportation too.

Get travel insurance

It might not sound like the most exciting thing, but it is a wise choice to make; considering most Asian countries include activities like zip lining, scuba diving, jungle treks, street food eating, motorbike renting (to name a few). It increases your probability to get infections, food poisoning, cuts, and scrapes, etc. Therefore, it’s best for your health’s sake to get it covered via insurance. Also insure valuables like phones, jewelry, laptop, and camera.

Beware of copied stuff

Asia has some of the most infamous copy markets, producing hard to detect brand fake materials. From electronics to clothes and everything in between, it is hard to differentiate between the fake and real. Check for the authenticity of the brands before purchasing. Even restaurants and hotels cleverly impersonate. Be cautious and alert.