Travel Tips for a Family Holiday

So Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts or another travel agency has helped you to book a family holiday to the sun. The coasts of Lanzarote or Tenerife are already waiting for you and the children are excited to enter the plane. But before the holiday fun can start, there are a lot of things that you need to arrange even if your ticket and hotel are already booked. To make things easier and less stressful, we would like to present some travel tips for those travelling with their family.

Packing the Suitcase

Packing your suitcase is where the holiday fun starts, but it can also be quite stressful. Let us make things a bit easier: packing is probably easier than you think. It’s all about what you really need. You can take a whole busload of clothes, but you will see that you are wearing the same few things over and over. For a short trip, two pair of trousers or shorts, one or perhaps two summer dresses and a couple of shirts are enough. A winter trip might include one or two cardigans and a coat. Don’t forget to include the clothes that you’ll be wearing anyway. The same goes for your children although they might need one extra set in case they get dirty. Of course, you need some toiletries but you won’t need your entire make-up department. You’re on holiday.

Medication and travelling

What you do need to pack are pharmaceuticals. Some child-friendly painkillers might prove to be invaluable. If you or your child has a prescription for some type of medication, don’t forget to check if these medications won’t get you into trouble at the airport or at your destination. Find out if you need to make additional arrangements and always take the prescription with you, just in case. Also, investigate if the medication is available at your holiday destination in case your suitcase gets lost (most medicines aren’t allowed in your hand luggage).

Carrying your Suitcase

You have your own suitcase and chances are you can’t carry more than one suitcase and still keep an eye on your children. But children of a certain age are capable of carrying their own suitcase although suitcase that has to be carried might not be the most convenient option for your children. Instead, look for a trolley that can be pulled or a sturdy backpack that can contain a lot of your kid’s stuff. Backpacks and trolleys are often a lot easier for children to carry and also the chance of your son or daughter losing the trolley is diminished.

Leave early

We might be kicking in an open door, but we would like to emphasize that being on time is crucial for a relaxed trip. Running to catch your flight is stressful when you’re on your own, but even more so when you’re travelling with children. Most airlines offer the possibility to check in online and using this option saves you time at the airport. Children get bored when they have to wait in line and this option might save you some time. Still, we’d advise you to be at the airport at least two or three hours before your flight takes off so you can check in your luggage in peace. Perhaps you can even have a drink or do some shopping before you pass security and board the plane.