Ugears Wooden Models: It’s Time To Play!

UGears 3d puzzles are loved by children and adults. The goal of the creators of these interesting wooden models is to unite kids and their parents. And the manufacturer managed to bring the whole family together to assemble thesewooden puzzles and play together. It is believed that kids from 14 years old can cope with such models as Hurdy Gurdy or Treasure Box on their own, although these models are generally considered as 3d puzzles for adults.

UGears Mechanical Models: Secrets of a Successful Assembly 

UGears wooden model kits for adults and teenagers are easier to assemble when you have instructions. You’ll find a detailed assembly guide for the selected wooden jigsaw puzzles in the original packaging. In addition, video instructions for some models are on the official website. All of this should help you to make the mountain of scattered wooden elements into a beautiful and functional toy.

Useful Tools

Any set of 3d wooden puzzles for adults consists of plywood sheets with laser-cut parts, all of which are numbered. Additionally, in the box, you will find:

  • toothpicks that are used as axes
  • rubber bands for setting some mechanical elements in motion

You may also need a utility knife and a regular candle for greasing and easy reattachment of the gears.

Step-by-step Building Process for UGears 3d Puzzles

Find the face of the puzzle. It is lighter and neater than the back side, and the UGears inscription on the sheets is located from right to left.

Prepare the details. Don’t free all the pieces at once. Look at the instructions for the block you have to assemble first and prepare only these elements. Remove parts from a plywood sheet slowly and carefully. Help yourself with a clerical knife where necessary so that no burrs remain on the pieces of the puzzle. When removing small items, pull them away.

The puzzle is assembled in stages, according to the instructions. Collect one block after another until the scattered pieces become the perfect collectible toy. Sometimes, it’s difficult to join gears or toothpicks to the construction during the process. To solve this problem, lubricate these elements with a candle to reduce friction. Be careful: the parts of the pendulum joint can be damaged by grease!

Enjoy the finished collectible toy with your kids!