We should get Grounded!

“Barefoot on the ground” is a phrase that has become synonymous with spiritual growth. Many people have heard about “bodhisattva” and “sundragrida”, but few know what grounding is. By definition, grounding is the ability to put yourself into a state of unity, balance, and harmony. When we are grounded, we are able to release habitual patterns and habitual ideas. We can also bring our bodies, mind, and spirit into a more natural state.

Our bodies have been conditioned by society to react in certain ways based on our position in society. For example, you may be a woman and have been socialized to be passive in your interaction with other women. You may have been conditioned to feel inferior and unable to stand up for yourself. Being grounded in the true sense of grounding can change how you experience life so that you can live in greater happiness and balance with all people.

The practice of Barefoot on the Ground is about grounding yourself to the earth and to the universe. This ancient art and science of moving meditation is about learning to feel yourself as an interconnection with the whole universe. It’s not uncommon for practitioners to say that they feel the universe “spinning around” or “beneath”.

When you engage in the Barefoot on the Ground, you become aware of the interconnectedness of everything. As you become more aware, you will realize that your body and mind are a part of the Whole. In this way, you develop the awareness to choose compassion over ego. This is very difficult to do at first. You will need to practice this new way of thinking and feeling. If you are open and willing, you can become deeply aware of how your body and your mind are interconnected.

To practice Barefoot on the Ground, you first need to become aware of your sensations. Find the sensations in the sensation – the heaviness or tenderness in your toes for instance. In this way, you will learn to connect with the earth and become grounded. From there, it is easy to move into deep breathing and movement. Practicing yoga is similar to dancing – you can practice different postures by just changing the position of your legs.

As you practice Barefoot on the Ground, your life force energy will become easily available. If you are feeling stressed, the yoga practice will calm you down and ease the tension. If you want to have a positive effect on the world, you should try Barefoot on the Ground yoga. It is important to learn this practice because it can transform your life.